VR Escape Rooms

Game OVR has an amazing line-up of challenging VR Escape Rooms

VR Escape Rooms are just like real-world escape rooms-except everything takes place in a virtual world. This means there are no limits to where you can go and what kind of puzzles you may encounter. We have a wide range of themes ranging from kid-friendly like Jungle Quest and Christmas to horror-themed like Sanctum and House of Fear. Instead of puzzles focusing on reading clues and solving number combinations, you may find yourself climbing to the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral, shooting targets with a bow and arrow, or rotating statues to open secret passages. Each Escape room is a completely unique adventure requiring team-work and communication to complete. 

*NEW* In addition to our huge lineup of VR escape rooms in our standard stations, we now have Freeroam Escape Room adVentuRes! Up to 6 players in wireless headsets can team up for amazing Freeroam adVentuRes. See our Freeroam page for more details

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