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Oculus Quest 2 now Available!

Rent your very own VR System!

Does this sound familiar? Stuck at home with nothing to do? Need something to get the kids off the couch? Getting your exercise online and want something unique? Are your kids climbing the walls? Are YOU?

Game OVR is now renting out our Oculus Quest 2 gaming systems for home use! Sharpen your Beat Saber skills, Explore the Arctic, or defend your castle from orcs!


*Supplies and options are limited so be sure to reserve your system today*


3-day rental: 1 system $125
2 systems $225

1-week rental: 1 system $225
2 systems $425

The Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone headset that does not require a computer or external sensors making setup a breeze. It offers a full room-scale experience with an exclusive lineup of games. This is a great option for more casual users or those less technically inclined.


-These are room-scale VR systems and are best used in a large open space free of furniture. They can be used in smaller areas for standing room only, but some games will not work without a larger play space.

-You will be responsible for unpacking and setting up the systems, as well as packing everything up at the end of your rental period and returning it to us.

-We will be available to offer basic troubleshooting by email or phone but will not be able to come on-site.

-We will hold a deposit on your card until the system can be checked and is returned in full working order to our specifications.

-All systems are fully cleaned and disinfected but we encourage you to clean it again before use with the included cleaner. -Valid government issued photo ID required and will be verified on pickup.

-Any other questions or to reserve your system please contact us by email at admin@gameovr.ca

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