Free Roam VR

Experience VR like never before with our immersive wireless free-roam experiences

Freeroam VR Experiences

Up to 6 players can play in our Free Roam room together wirelessly!
These free-roam experiences use wireless headsets and controllers. Recommended for ages 5+ these experiences are more accessible for younger/newer players.

Choose from 2 different types of experiences!

VR adVentuRes Free Roam

It's time to go on an adVenture!
Battle Sharks underwater, Escape just in the knick of time from a fire-breathing dragon or stop an asteroid from killing everyone on earth. With six different VR adVentuRes to choose from, this is the perfect mix of excitement and fun for any outing and age group.

Time: Up to 45 minutes per adVentuRe

HeroZone Free Roam

Hang out with your friends in a retro arcade where you have unlimited virtual root beer and pizza! Choose from 5 unique mini-games where you get sucked into the world of each arcade cabinet!
Will you battle hordes of Zombies? Save the Tree of Life from Goblins or stop an evil virus trying to erase the Metaverse?
Don't worry if you can't decide, we have 8 exciting games to choose from!

Time: Each game takes up to 15 minutes, including setup.

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  • Kid Friendly
  • Multiplayer
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Freeroam adVentuRe Depths of Osiris

Freeroam adVentuRe Dragon Tower

Freeroam adVentuRe Pirates Plague

Freeroam adVentuRe Runaway Train

Freeroam adVentuRe Space Station Tiberia

Freeroam adVentuRe The Manor

Freeroam adVentuRe Time Travel Paradox

HeroZone Freeroam Arrowsong

HeroZone Freeroam Cybershock

HeroZone Freeroam Dead Ahead

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