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Virtual Reality Field Trips

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Are you looking for an exciting unique school field trip that will keep your students active and engaged the entire time?

We offer field trips for all class sizes with special prices for non-profit and special needs groups.

Game OVR is the largest virtual reality entertainment facility in the Edmonton Area. We offer a fun, active, and memorable experience for children of all ages (and adults) as well as several unique educational options. We have a well-refined field trip program that has operated for over 6 years hosting hundreds of field trips of all sizes and ages. Whether you are looking to come just for fun, for a challenge in one of our amazing VR escape rooms, or to learn from experts in VR technology, Game OVR has you covered. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we would be happy to help plan the perfect field trip for you.


  • Over 50 different games and experiences suitable for ages 5+ so everyone can find something for everyone
  • Fully customizable game options: we can remove any unwanted content, set your students into large multiplayer games together, or even our VR escape rooms.
  • Flexible booking times mean you can book any time of day and for any length of time that suits your needs
  • Our staff take care of everything: No need to arrange for chaperones or additional teachers. We will take all the students through a full tutorial, set all the students up in the headsets, and assist them throughout the field trip. Feel free to try VR for yourself, or relax in our lobby with a free cup of coffee while your students have fun.
  • No waivers required
  • Free access to our party room for the duration of your visit
  • Educational add-on available: We have a 45-minute lesson that showcases the latest in VR technology and teaches the students about the many real-world applications and careers for VR/AR tying into many STEM topics. 
  • Exclusive access: During our field trips we are closed to the public ensuring your students will be the only ones in the building. 


We want to give all children the opportunity to learn something in a new fun and exciting way. We will be offering field trips tailored to your curriculum for a wide range of grade levels. Give your students an educational experience they won't forget. Contact us for more information.

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