VR Parties

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Have a VR birthday as unique as you are!

We are excited to offer St Albert and Edmonton area a truly unique VR gaming birthday experience. We have multiplayer VR games suitable for a wide range of ages so whether you are 6 or 60 we will give you a party all your friends will be talking about. Team up to battle zombies or robots, have a space pirate tournament or jump into some zany dodgeball action. We also have a massive party room complete with fridge, sink and coffee maker. All our party packages come with a personal game attendant to make sure all your guests are having fun and everything goes smoothly.

If you are the parent of a child going to one of our birthday parties, please ensure you read and sign our WAIVER

Week Day Special:

Book Mon-Fri and receive 15% off any birthday package.


VR Birthday Packages

Level 1 VR Party Package
(5-10* Players) $250.00

  • 2 Hour Party
    • 1.5 hrs play time
    • 0.5 hrs party room
  • 4 standard stations
  • 1 deluxe room
  • 1 game attendant for your party

Level 2 VR Party Package
(7-14* Players) $325.00

  • 2 Hour Party
    • 1.5 hrs play time
    • 0.5 hrs party room
  • 5 standard stations
  • 2 deluxe rooms
  • 1 game attendant for your party

Boss Level VR Party Package
(12-24 Players Max) $550.00

  • 2.5 Hour Party
    • 1.5 hrs play time
    • 1 hour in the party room after play time
    • access to the party room for the entire party
  • 8 standard stations
  • 2 deluxe rooms
  • 2 player co-op room
  • 2 game attendants for your party


*Add 2 more people to your party and get 1 extra station for $35.00

Need plates, cups, and cutlery? Add the party essentials for $1.00/place setting.

Any changes to games available (taking games out) for your party MUST be submitted in writing 24 hours before the party. No changes will be made the day of.

Please clean the party space before you leave or a $35.00 cleaning fee will be added on to your final bill.

The day you were born is special and deserves to be celebrated! As our special gift to help mark the occasion, the birthday person will receive an hour of play time on us the next time they come in!**

**limit of 1 hour per party booking, must be celebrating a birthday



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