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Game OVR VR arcade has the largest play spaces anywhere in Canada, which means more room to move around inside the game for the maximum level of immersion. With our Huge library of over 50 games, there's something for everyone!

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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality uses computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that you can manipulate and explore while feeling as if you were actually there experiencing it firsthand. With the most advanced virtual reality hardware available today, we have finally reached a truly remarkable level of immersion. Game OVR vr arcade offers St Albert and Edmonton premium VR Gaming, educational experiences, and team building packages.


Game Faster

Each of our computers is equipped with top of the line specs including GTX 1080ti graphics cards- the most powerful graphics cards available! This allows us to offer the smoothest, most immersive experience anywhere and eliminates the possibility of motion sickness. Our wireless headsets are a first in Canada and are a an absolute GAME CHANGER for VR.

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Game Together: Game OVR has a great selection of multi-player games for every age group perfect for birthday parties, team building, and date nights.

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SHARE THE EXPERIENCE: Bring your friends and family to one of our Deluxe rooms to explore vr together. We offer an experience you will never forget.

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