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Game OVR

Who are we?

We are Eric and Steph Roberge. Along with our daughter we own and operate a 5000 Sq ft VR Entertainment Center where you can experience premium virtual reality. As experts in the VR industry, we write blogs and articles, we run a youtube and twitch channel, beta test new games, and set up our portable VR station at trade shows, fundraisers, and other venues. We are passionate about our community and have helped raise over $10,000 in the past 2 years for local charities and organizations. We want everyone to love VR as much as we do!

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Why book at Game OVR?

*We take the time to ensure every customer who comes through our door has the absolute best experience in VR.* We were the first in Alberta to use wireless headsets for the most immersive experience possible.* We have the largest playspaces in Canada so you have tons of room to move around.* We have hand-picked over 60 games and VR escape rooms that showcase the best that VR has to offer.*

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Game Together: Game OVR has a great selection of multi-player games for every age group perfect for birthday parties, team building, and date nights.

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Unique Deluxe rooms

SHARE THE EXPERIENCE: Bring your friends and family to one of our Deluxe rooms to explore VR together. We also have a selection of international award-winning VR escape room experiences

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