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Rent your very own VR System!

Does this sound familiar?
Safe at home with nothing to do?
Need a safe distraction?
Getting your exercise online and want something unique? 
Are ZOOM and Facebook meetups your online adult interaction? 
Are your kids climbing the walls?

Are YOU?

Game OVR is now renting out our premium VR gaming systems for home use! Sharpen your Beat Saber skills, play through the entire Arizona Sunshine campaign, unlock everything in vacation simulator, experience Half-Life Alyx with the revolutionary Index controllers and much more. With Virtual Reality, your possibilities are truly endless.


  • Contactless delivery: We will drop everything you need right on your doorstep fully sanitized, and we will come and pick it up at the end of your rental period.
  • Support 7 days a week: In addition to a setup video and instructions, we will be available 7 days a week to assist you.
  • A huge library of high-quality games and experiences to keep the whole family entertained.
  • Top-of-the-line Hardware: Every package comes with a premium headset and gaming PC and we have amazing extras like wireless adapters and the finger tracking Index controllers.

    Supplies and options are limited so be sure to reserve your system today


Oculus Quest system + over $200 in games:

 3 day: $100

1 week: $175 

2 weeks: $315

The Oculus Quest is a standalone headset that does not require a computer or external sensors making setup a breeze. It offers a full room-scale experience with an exclusive lineup of games. This is a great option for more casual users or those less technically inclined. See Games


Basic VR system + over $1000 in games:

3 day: $175

1 week: $325

2 weeks: $585


The basic system includes everything you need to enjoy VR from the comfort of your own home.

-High-end gaming pc

-Over 70 of the best VR games and experiences including:

{Arizona Sunshine}{Job Simulator}{Beat Saber}{Elven Assassin}{Pavlov}{Blade & Sorcery}

-HTC Vive Headset with deluxe audio strap

-A cleaning cloth and disinfectant is included to clean between players as needed


Deluxe VR system + over $1200 in games

3 day: $190

1 week: $350

2 weeks: $630

The Deluxe system includes everything in the Basic system PLUS some extra premium games sure to delight everyone in the household. Deluxe games include:

{Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted}{Vacation Simulator}{Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes}{Doodle VR} and more!


Wireless VR system + over $1100 in games

3 day: $200

1 week: $375

2 weeks: $675

The wireless system includes everything in the Basic system PLUS a wireless adapter and 2 battery packs. This system is best for larger play areas that can make use of the added mobility of a wireless setup.


Ultimate VR system + over $1400 in games

3 day: $215

1 week: $425

2 weeks: $765

The Ultimate system comes with the best hardware and games VR has to offer! Includes everything the basic system PLUS:

-Valve's Finger tracking Index Controllers
-Vive Wireless adapter
-Exclusive games including:
{Half-Life Alyx}{Boneworks}{Hellsplit Arena}{Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted}{Vacation Simulator} and many more - almost 90 games in total!

*Plus tax and deposit


-These are room-scale VR systems and are best used in a large open space free of furniture. They can be used in smaller areas for standing room only, but some games will not work without a larger play space. 
-You will be responsible for unpacking and setting up the systems we deliver and packing everything up at the end of your rental period.
-These systems are designed to be user friendly but do require some computer knowledge to set up, operate and troubleshoot.
-We will be available to offer basic troubleshooting by email or phone but will not be able to come on-site for safety reasons due to COVID-19.
-No credit or compensation will be given due to difficulty of operation or inability to set up equipment so be sure to pick a system you are comfortable setting up and operating. 
-We will hold a deposit on your card until the system can be checked and is returned in full working order to our specifications.
-All systems are fully cleaned and disinfected before delivery but we encourage you to clean it again before use with the included cleaner.
-The minimum rental period is 7 days and a 10% discount will be applied to and rentals longer than 2 weeks.
-Any other questions or to reserve your system please contact us by email at admin@gameovr.ca

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