Virtual Reality Field Trips and Fund Raising

We offer field trips for all class sizes with special prices for non-profit and special needs groups. We also now offer Fund Raising opportunities- Contact us for more information!

As much fun as we have playing virtual reality games, we can't ignore the unique benefits VR offers the education industry.

"The extra benefits of using VR in a classroom are the students' increased concentration and focus, since once the VR mask is on, all other distractions go away, giving way to full immersion into the virtual experience. This multi-sensory, high impact learning leaves a much deeper imprint in young minds than textbook articles and video lessons." -

Benefits of VR Learning

  • Helps with understanding complex subjects, theories, and concepts

    VR can take you places and show you things that would be impossible in real life. Imagine being able to fly around the solar system, climb Mount Everest, or shrink yourself down to the size of a molecule and explore the human body. In VR you can do all that and more!
  • Immersive experience means no distractions

    With noise canceling surround sound headphones and our immersive displays, students are significantly more engaged and focused.

  • Suitable for many different styles of learning

    VR is uniquely capable of giving students a hands-on visual experience that is difficult to reproduce in the classroom. This can be extremely beneficial for students with short attention spans or learning disabilities

  • Active instead of passive learning

    Our VR experiences are room scale, which means students are able to move around and interact with what they are seeing. When students are actively participating, they have a higher rate of retention is achieved.

"Every child is a genius in his or her own way. VR can be the key to awakening the genius inside." -

We offer field trips both in our location and in classroom to schools in St Albert, Edmonton area, Morinville, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Spruce Grove, and Leduc. We also host a variety of team building, Community events and Esports tournaments.


Each field trip consists of 4 components:

-Orientation and tour of our facility:

We will give a brief introduction into what VR is and go over rules and safety instructions. After the orientation, we will split the students into 3 groups and rotate them through all 3 stations.

-Inside Virtual Reality

Students will be able to experience VR first hand in one of our many curriculum-based programs.

-Craft Time

We will guide students through an easy to make craft relevant to VR that they can take home with them.


We will deliver an age appropriate presentation on VR technology and show how the headset and tracking technology works.

At the end of the field trip, the students will have a greater understanding of what virtual reality is and why it is important in today's world. VR is slated to grow from a $7 billion industry to a $70 billion industry in the next 4 years and will be a key part of any future career.

We offer a wide range of educational VR programs suitable for ages 5 and up. A few we commonly use for field trips are:

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush lets you paint in a 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. Freely move and draw all around the room. You will never look at art the same way again. Students can even save their art as a 360 image that they can view later.

Google Earth VR

See the world like never before! Instantly teleport anywhere in the world. Travel across Canada, fly to the top of Mount Everest or tour downtown London. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The Body VR

The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user into the human body. Travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. Enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

We want to give all children the opportunity to learn something in a new fun and exciting way. We will be offering field trips tailored to your curriculum for a wide range of grade levels. Give your students an educational experience they won't forget. Contact us for more information.

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