💵Enter our Tournament!!💵


January 22, 2019

💵Enter our Tournament!!💵

💵Enter our Tournament for a chance at over $6000 in prizes!!💵

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New Game: Space Junkies

You heard correctly! 
Space Junkies Arcade is officially out and available at Game OVR.
As if that wasn't exciting enough, Ubisoft and the Virtual Athletics League are kicking things off with a MASSIVE GLOBAL TOURNAMENT! 



 For a chance to win over $6000 CAD in prizes 
and naturally bragging rights as the greatest Space Junkies on Earth because uh yeah this is GLOBAL.  So grab a buddy because we are looking for 2 person teams to sign up. Don't have any friends? No Problem we can match you up with other single players. 

Arcade Team Recruitment period                                                                 
           Feb 2nd - Feb 17th (THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP)
 Arcade Deadline and Schedule release
 Feb 10th early team sign up & schedule release date
                  Feb 18th schedule release team date.

The tournament begins 
                  Feb 19th          

Season Start and Playoffs
                  Feb 19th - March 5th            
                  March 11-15th (Championship 15th)

Want more info??

Join the Discord 

We'd LOVE the bragging rights for being able to host the winning team! In the last tournament (which was Beat Saber) a Calgary Arcade won...erm I mean because you guys are has nothing to do with kicking Calgary's butt.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to sign up or get more details!



Congratulations to the Bantam Bears!

They are the first winners of the SAMHA Food Bank Challenge 
with over 1000 lbs of food donated to the St Albert Food Bank! 
Thank you to everyone who participated in that division because you did a fantastic job and our community as a whole is better for it.
In addition to a cool trophy, they've won a free party
for the whole team at Game OVR!
The contest is still running for the other divisions so keep up the hard work and good luck to all the teams.


Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey


A HUGE thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. This information helps US give YOU the best possible experience. You have until Monday, January the 28th to fill out our survey and then we will be drawing our lucky winner for a FREE HOUR.

Oopsie! Did you already fill out the survey but didn't provide your name and email address? Drop us a line so we can enter you into the draw.
Join us tonight on our live stream

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for another live stream video! Join us at 8 PM on FacebookYouTube or Twitch and help us bumble our way through a series of strange mind-bending puzzles (we will definitely need your help!)

This week we are going to be playing A Fisherman's Tale. Brought to you by the makers of Arizona Sunshine, everyone's favourite Zombie game! This award-winning title has been on our list of must try's because it looks absolutely amazing with the graphics and storyline.
We are going to bend and twist reality in A Fisherman's Tale, this is a VR puzzle adventure game in which being turned upside down and inside out is not just a play on words.
 This game releases today so we hope you can join us as some of the very first who are playing this game.

Until next time, keep Reimagining Reality!

Steph and Eric


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Start your work week out with an hour of Job Simulator in a wireless station for only $20 
Terrifying Tuesdays - save $40!
Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with 4 wireless stations for an hour and face the zombie hordes in Arizona Sunshine for only $80
Throwback Thursdays - save $40!
Grab your bow and Book 4 wireless stations for an hour in Elven Assassin for only $80 - watch out for those axes they throw back at you!
Four Pack Friday - save $30
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Early Bird/Late Night
First and last hour of the day on all stations are discounted by 5 bucks

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