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Full list of Quest Games

Welcome to the future! 

The Oculus Quest 2 is our newest headset featuring the most advanced inside out tracking technology and an exciting lineup of exclusive games including:

*NEW* Iron Man VR

Take flight in Marvel’s Iron Man VR!

Tap into your inner Super Hero as you step into Iron Man’s armor and blast into the skies. Hit the afterburners and feel the rush of flying hundreds of miles an hour.  Experience this action-packed immersive Iron Man adventure now


Vader Immortal:

Step into a galaxy far, far away and experience the first Star Wars story designed exclusively for virtual reality. Descend into Darth Vader's mysterious fortress alongside new allies and encounter fearsome enemies, including the Sith Lord himself. Be at the center of a story in which you hold the key to the galaxy's salvation... or destruction.


Drop Dead: Dual Strike

Get up close and personal with all new melee weapons! Hack off limbs and hurl axes at the shuffling undead. Deflect spitter slime with baseball bats and hit a home run with a zombie's head! Wield two weapons at once. Double the firepower, double the damage! EXCITING MULTIPLAYER Team up with a friend in horde mode and hold back the undead together! With the Quest’s six degrees of movement, you can duck, dip, dodge and dive avoiding spitter slime and rocket attacks. Test your mettle in horde mode in four arenas. Hold back against increasingly challenging waves of the undead either on your own or with a buddy. Allows cross-play with the Oculus Rift. 


National Geographic: Explore VR


Travel to Antarctica with National Geographic Explore VR, and set off on a thrilling expedition of discovery. Navigate around icebergs in a kayak, climb a massive ice shelf and survive a raging snowstorm as you search for a lost emperor penguin colony. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, take pictures and share them with the world. This interactive, 6dof VR experience is suitable for all ages, enjoy with the entire family. Use Quest's tetherless, 6dof VR headset to navigate through Antarctica without ever leaving your home. Get ready for more iconic locations around the world to explore.

Complete list of Oculus Quest Games:

*NEW* Iron Man VR Single Player

*NEW* Vacation Simulator Single Player

*NEW* Richies Plank Single Player

*NEW* I Expect You to Die Single Player

Vader Immortal episode 1, 2, & 3 single player

Drop Dead Dual Strike multiplayer

National Geographic Explore VR single player

Superhot single player

Beat Saber multiplayer

Job Simulator single player

Robo Recall: Unplugged single player

*NEW* The Climb single player

*NEW* Top Golf Pro putt multiplayer

Jurassic World single player

Bogo single player

Epic Roller Coasters multiplayer

Pistol Whip single player

Rec Room multiplayer

Elven Assassin multiplayer

Acron multiplayer

First Contact single player

Henry single player

Bait single player

Mission ISS single player

The Key single player

Elixer single player

In Death: Unchained single player

Echo VR multiplayer

VR Chat multiplayer

Altspace multiplayer

Wander multiplayer


Application Category: Game, Virtual Reality
Application Sub Category: Arcade Game
Operating System: Windows
Game Platform: PC Game

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