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Experience True Relaxation

A dimly lit train cabin, swaying grassy plains, flickering fireflies, a mighty dragon.

Found immerses you in a journey that has left people who experience it with a feeling of awe and relaxation. Fans of beautifully handcrafted worlds like Limbo and Journey may find this VR’s worthiest heir, which melds a captivating realm with a narrative that unfolds in fragments of gradual discovery. This is a departure from traditional gameplay but it delivers the feels we’ve been dreaming of since VR was only an idea. It reminds us of what you stand to miss when you don’t take the time to appreciate your surroundings.

Time to play: 10 minutes

Kid Friendly Oculus Exclusive Deluxe Room

Application Category: Game, Virtual Reality
Application Sub Category: Arcade Game
Operating System: Windows
Game Platform: PC Game

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