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OVR Time Esports Bar: Coming soon

 Coming Soon to Game OVR: OVR Time Esports Bar and Lounge

We are incredibly excited to announce that work has begun on the latest addition to Game OVR: The OVR Time Esports Bar and Lounge. We have been planning this since day one, but so far our focus has been on delivering a truly amazing world-class VR experience. Now the time has finally come for the next stage in our plan.

Since so many of you have been asking for this for a long time, we wanted to give you all the opportunity to be a part of this next grand adVentuRe. We will be launching an ATB Boostr campaign starting Feb 1st for the Build her Business challenge hosted by ATB's Build Her Business - Crowdfunding for Women Entrepreneurs. We have a lot of grand plans for OVR Time and funding from the ATB Boostr will help us make it truly legendary.

Our Vision

Comfort - Whether you are just hanging out for an hour while your kid plays Job Simulator, meeting up with some friends to kick off your Friday night, or coming to watch the hottest E-sports tournament, we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible. 

Community - In every step of our business, we have focused as much as possible on supporting local companies, charities and sports teams. We strive every day to make every customer who comes through our door feel more like family than just customers. Our involvement with groups like Plugged In, Hate Free YEG, and Out Loud ensure that we are welcoming, safe and inclusive for everyone. Those traditions will continue with OVR Time.

Quality - OVR Time will feature THE best drinks from breweries across the Edmonton area (we will be personally testing them all ourselves). We are lining up some mind-blowing technology to take e-sports viewing to the next level, and even let you view what your kids or friends are playing without leaving the comfort of our lounge.

 Why Esports?

esports growth

Esports is growing - Esports has grown from a $130 million industry to a $900 million industry in just 6 years, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Part of the draw of Esports is the spectators get to be a lot more directly involved than in traditional sports. Imagine instead of just watching Connor Mcdavid play, you could actually see through his eyes and chat with him in real time as he played. We will be pioneers in the growth and adoption of gaming and Esports for the Edmonton area. Already stadiums around the world are being filled with eager fans, and we will have a front row seat to the action!

Gaming is what we do - First and foremost, we are a gaming and entertainment company on the leading edge of technology and we want our latest addition to fit that same theme. We already have a growing following on Youtube and Twitch with weekly gameplay videos and live streams so esports would be a natural progression for us.

Technology and Innovation - With the equipment we are installing we can do much more than just watch the latest esports tournament. We will be able to stream the gameplay footage from any of our VR stations, so you can watch your friend or child play from the comfort of our lounge while relaxing with a coffee or drink of your choice. We will also be streaming the footage from our stations to the lounge for our local tournaments so you can cheer on your friends or teammates. We will have the ability to stream footage from the hottest local gaming events around the Edmonton Area including Extra Life and Fragapalooza, and even feature local streamers when they are live on Twitch. We will have each TV set up to display independently, so we can accommodate special requests.

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