Game OVR Walk through tour

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July 19, 2017

Game OVR Walk through tour

Welcome to Game OVR!

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Hi, Everyone!
Sorry, we didn't do a blog post last week, we were super busy opening up so we could meet you!
I figure this week we can give you a tour of our space and give you a peek at what to expect when you come in for a visit


Let's start with our lobby...

So in our lobby, we have a comfy place to sit if there is a wait or if you just need a cool down after a long session of playing your favourite game. Some of our games you can work up quite the sweat so we have a water cooler set up.Nothing worse than being parched!

If you look straight ahead you will see this bright green room...

That my friends is our green screen room which also doubles as a boardroom or a smaller party room. In the future, we are looking at doing our own mixed reality videos but we haven't found the time just yet. That being said we do rent the room out so you can always come and do your own videos if you like.

Moving along, exit to the right...keep going...

Enter here
You've now left the lobby and here's where the fun stuff starts. I'm sure I've mentioned we have a total of 10 stations. 8 standard and 2 deluxe rooms, now where you would be standing right now in our little tour would be station 1. Yes, that is only one station and yes you get all that space to play in! If we keep moving along you will see a door at the end of the hallway be sure to take a look to your left as you pass station 2.

You've now arrived at our party room.

party room

It's massive I know! We have a kitchenette in there for you to use and we have a microwave which we usually use to reheat our coffee we forget about. The great thing about this room is it has a rear entrance so you don't have to worry about carting your cake and food through the lobby and stations, and making everyone jealous of whatever delicious thing you are bringing in.

Exiting the party room we go to the right down a hallway...don't worry it's not scary and leads to something (cue horror movie music)

hallway of DOOM!! just kidding
There are two washrooms labelled "men" and "women" now we don't care which you use, both are the same we just didn't remove the placard in time for the door to be painted.

The "men" room...that isn't just for men!

If you want to poke your head in and you will see pretty waterfall taps. I mean sure they look neat but what I really love about them is that they have colour changing LED inside to tell you the water temperature! Little known fact about me is that I LOVE any kind of LED lighting.Makes sense seeing as I am an electrician I guess.
Exiting the washroom you walk to the end of the hall and you have a choice...go straight or turn to your left...

Let's for argument's sake say you chose left. On your left-hand side, you will see two more stations but the best part is at the end of the hallway

Pull back the curtain on your right and you will enter one of our deluxe rooms. This one is my personal favourite out of the two.

deluxe room 1

I'm one of those people who prefers more cluttered up spaces and with the lamp, in the middle of the chair and love seat, it just seems to fill the space more. I don't know when you come in and can decide for yourself.
Now for those of you curious what would have happened had you gone straight? Well, nothing would have happened you just would have seen 4 more of our standard stations which don't get me wrong look pretty cool. Spoiler alert! I've added in way more LED light in there!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour, we look forward to seeing you in person very soon. Maybe for our grand opening? We have the Mayor coming. He even has these huge ceremonial scissors to cut the ribbon with! So join us on July 29th,2017 so you can see not only our store but also me grinning like a small kid at Christmas when the Mayor pulls out those gigantic scissors. Come celebrate with us!

See you all soon!

Game OVR

PS: If you don't/ can't wait that long to come and visit or don't like crowds come visit us now! We are open regular hours

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