New Co-op room games incoming!

June 14, 2018

New Co-op room games incoming!

New games this week

We have some exciting news this morning concerning our Co-Op room: (that's the green room when you come in where we film ourYouTube videos)

We are adding 3 NEW GAMES!



BIG Bugs; BIGGER Profits if you can make your way through Planet know, and not die.



Play as a Skyscraper-sized Mech armed to the teeth with various guns, blasters and cloaking devices. Stomping around in a metal suit of deadly destruction has never been more fun

BAAM Squad


Fast-paced and addictive you and your friends are trying to save yourselves from a zombie infestation! In a candy shop? And the zombies are...Minecraft cute?

With all new things, there must be also some goodbyes. Wave farewell to Rec Room because it was awesome. Well, I thought so anyway. One good thing that comes out of it however:
Co-Op Room is now all ages!
Just in time for Father's Day!
There are still only multiplayer games in this room though. Still no Single player games.


Fathers day is Sunday: A gift card is the perfect gift for the dad in your life who:

is hard to shop for

doesn't need another tie

would maybe prefer to eat macaroni instead of receiving it as art

wants to spend time together, you know making memories

It's a good time to get those Summer Birthdays planned too. With school ending, invites are so much easier to hand out before the school year ends. We still have a few dates left in June for parties as well.


We have another NEW GAME

I know, I know, stop it already right? Pfft, new games who wants those...we are over 50 now btw and we are fast running out of wall space...

The Take
This baby is a Deluxe Room Exclusive. Step into a 1960's comic book world where you are a super spy charged with hiding classified intel. Stop other spies from stealing your secrets by setting traps that explode, blind and vaporize trespassers.


While you are here try and top Eric's score in Beat Saber for a free hour. We've had a few get close, maybe you could take him down a peg. He's insufferable.

Have an amazing week and don't forget we have our Twenty Tuesday and Four Pack Friday specials to take advantage of this week!

Until next time, keep Reimagining Reality!

Steph and Eric


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