Smashbox Arena

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Extreme Dodgeball

EXTREME DODGEBALL! Shoot, duck, and coordinate with your teammates. The objective is simple, one of your crew needs to be the last member standing. The arenas aren’t built for camping out, as they are wide open forcing you to be on your guard and to keep mobile to stay alive. This game is sure to make you pay attention by keeping you on your toes in several unique arenas and 6 Epic power-ups to pick up in your play. Make sure to bring a friend because out-maneuvering your opponents in VR has never been so intense.

Category: Easy

Time to play: 10 to 20 minutes

 *1-6 players

Note: This game can be online (multiplayer) where people not from this arcade can play. While the VR community is small and a very positive and helpful group, we have no way to monitor other players online. Please let staff know prior if you want a private game set up.

Kid Friendly Multiplayer

Application Category: Game, Virtual Reality
Application Sub Category: Arcade Game
Operating System: Windows
Game Platform: PC Game

Game Together: Game OVR has a great selection of multi-player games for every age group perfect for birthday parties, team building, and date nights.

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