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Fight For Humanity

It’s the year 2271 and the massive and seemingly benevolent Eden Corporation owns the world. The elite hacker resistance movement SyndiK8 has unearthed the sinister reality behind Eden Corp’s newest line of robotic products. You and your friends play as Bishop, the Gun Cleric; Saija, the Cyber Ninja; or Boss, the Street Merc SyndiK8’s elite operatives. Your mission is straightforward: infiltrate Eden Tower, steal as much Raw Data as possible, and get out alive while putting your wits, boldness, and endurance to the test, bringing Eden Corp down in your wake.

Time to play: 20 minutes to 1 hour

 *1-2 players

Category: Hard

Note: Some bad language and violence. Recommended for Mature players.


Application Category: Game, Virtual Reality
Application Sub Category: Arcade Game
Operating System: Windows
Game Platform: PC Game

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