Happy Birthday to Game OVR

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July 23, 2018

Happy Birthday to Game OVR


Hope everyone had a terrific weekend, it was raining pretty crazy here the last few days with thunder, lightning and hail!

Our Birthday is this weekend!

Did you know that birthdays were first celebrated in Egypt? You had to be pretty important though. Scholars figure it wasn't the Pharaohs actual birthday but his coronation date of when he became a God.
Neat right?

Our birthday will be just as big of a celebration because yes it means we've passed a huge milestone but it's also to celebrate YOU our friends we've made this last year. We couldn't have done any of this without your support.
So thank you, you guys are amazing and we can't wait to give out prizes, have cake and play some games!

We made a video about our first year you can watch it here

Some of the prizes you could win:

Portable power packs
$50.00 gift card to Gaudet's seafood
Free eye exam (for adults $100.00 value)
and so much more!

Make sure to book your spot early because all our play stations are 20% off the entire day! and this way we can save you some cake.

and of course, if you haven't entered our contest for a FREE VR headset


AND make sure you share it to get more entries! Odds are pretty good it could be YOU that wins.

Speaking of Games...

Yes, we added another Game! If you or anyone in the family loves the monsters from Hotel Transylvania they are going to freak when you tell them about Hotel Transylvania: Popstick! It's great fun, and you get to groove to some awesome music at the same time. Check out the gameplay video we did here


*sigh* another week goes by and still, no one has managed to beat Eric's score in killing floor. You guys get soooo close and then a Zed jumps up and eats you. You still have till the end of July to compete for the free hour though, C'mon guys I believe in you!

Our specials this week:

Twenty Tuesday:
Standard and wireless stations are discounted!
$20 for standard rooms 20% off wireless rooms

Wireless Wednesday:
Wireless stations are $20 dollars! All day!
Experience VR in the best way possible

Four Pack Friday:
Bring your People!
4 people play for the price of 3!

Have an amazing week guys, we can't wait to see you at our birthday celebration!

Until next time, keep Reimagining Reality!

Steph and Eric

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