Loyalty Rewards

Rewards Program

We are excited to announce we now have a loyalty program!  

How does it work?

Collect points every time you purchase a half hour or hour in a standard or deluxe room and use them towards free VR time.

Is it free to signup?

Yes! It's simple; you can download the app to your phone here, so you can keep track of your points and use them easily.

If you don't want to download the app; no worries, we can still sign you up and keep track of it.

I want to earn more points!

That's great!

25 points: Follow us on Facebook and link your rewards account to your Facebook

25 points: Follow us on Twitter

25 points: Follow us on Instagram 

100 points: Write us a Google review

100 points: Write us a Facebook review

50 points: Tag us in a photo or video playing VR

50 points: Refer or bring in a new player

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