VR Arcade or Cafe

VR Arcade

A VR arcade (or VR Cafe or Lounge) is a place you can go to experience a premium virtual reality experience. They are exploding in popularity all around the world and we are excited to open our own VR arcade in St Albert to give the Edmonton area the opportunity to see why.

There are many types of VR experiences available today: from cardboard headsets you can put your phone in, to mid range options like the PlayStation VR, to high-end room scale systems like the HTC Vive. A VR arcade gives the average person a chance to explore a level of VR that is very difficult and expensive to achieve at home the same way a movie theatre gives you a cinematic experience beyond what most people would have in their house. VR Arcades or Cafes allow multiple people to play at the same time often in the same game which is a truly unique experience and one that whole families can enjoy. 

VR Cafes are a social setting where people can take turns, watch each other play, or play together in virtual environments.  They are a perfect setting for family outings, birthday parties, team building, or just a night out with friends. VR Cafes are also hot destinations for E-sports tournaments and community events.

At Game OVR we focus on "room scale VR." This means you are free to move all around the play space and experience a level of immersion and interactivity far beyond the standard. At nearly 200 sq ft per room, we have the largest play spaces in all of Canada.


The VR gaming community is thriving around the world with everything from indie developers working out of their basement to triple A developers bringing us epic titles like Doom and Fallout 4 in VR. Right here in Edmonton, we have several developers working on VR content.

EgoAnt Productions
MADSoft Games
TreeFortress Games

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