Let's introduce ourselves

Game OVR owners Eric and Steph

June 18, 2017

Let's introduce ourselves

Lets introduce ourselves

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As our opening date draws nearer I figure now is as good a time as any to introduce ourselves, and of course answer a few questions we get asked a lot.  

Game OVR owners - Steph & Eric
 My name is Steph and the cutie behind the desk with me is my husband of 4 years, Eric. We have plenty in common of course but one of the things we share a passion for (other than our 3 dogs) is gaming. Both of us are enthusiasts of Virtual Reality Gaming but we didn’t start out anywhere near this particular field. By trade, both of us are Journeyman Electricians and while we love the work we wanted to try something a little different. Maybe something indoors for the winter :)  

Virtual Reality gaming - reimagine reality
We get asked a lot why we chose to open a virtual reality entertainment center( or arcade if you wish) and it comes down to we wanted to do something we not only love and want to get out of bed every day for but something we are also passionate about. It's exciting for us to be able to share this new technology with everyone and make it accessible. Let's face it not everyone wants to set aside a huge amount of space and money for these systems.   

A lot of people don’t really get the big deal about VR, which is totally understandable! It's hard to get excited for strapping a box to your face. Eric and I have been excited for the HTC Vive to be released and for us to have one for almost 2 years (so think of it like your kid wanting a Tickle me Elmo back in 1996). So obviously we are a little biased. Besides, we already know VR is something that really needs to be experienced firsthand to realize its full potential. Sure it sounds neat and fun but what really sells it to people is once they’ve strapped that headset on and they get transported to wherever they want to go. I can personally attest to how different it is to watch someone shoot zombies on the screen to actually playing in the headset and knowing you have to walk through that zombie hoard. Trust me, you better be a good shot or be able to get those little virtual legs moving pretty fast because they will be chasing you. There's something absolutely terrifying about having a zombie tower over you while trying to munch on your virtual brain.  

 You thought Zombies in daylight were scary...try at dusk!
Anyway, we are looking forward to meeting you all very soon, and having a chance to show you how incredible and amazing this technology really is.  Don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages: Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube  to keep up to date with us and please like and share it helpsus to know you guys are out there! Also if you guys have questions for us feel free to leave a comment!
Hope you guys are as excited as we are!  

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